What is the Good For?

It’s been about eight months since The Good Child began. Since The Beginning, I have sold a Good deal of merchandise around the United States. I’ve also been to a number of events and expos where I’ve sold tees to people living as far away as New Zealand, Australia, and Paris to name a few.

This has me wondering…what are you doing with your The Good Child t-shirt? Do you keep it wrapped up in its pristine, unique packaging? Do you fold it and stash it in a drawer with your other favorite graphic tees? If you wear it, what do you wear it with? What are you doing and where do you go when you wear The Good Child?

Now is your opportunity to share! Next time you put on The Good Child, snap a photo and send to info@officialgoodchild.com, “@” me on Twitter, or post on the Facebook page! You can see a small portion of people sporting The Good Child, here. I am going to start collecting all of the images you guys send in for something super rad.

*BONUS* If you happen to be doing the world some Good in your photo (a good deed of some sort), I’ll send you a special discount code!

Let the photo-taking begin! Thank you!


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