The Good Child x The Calling vol. 2

On Friday, June 17th, I’ll be at Gilley’s (Southside Music Hall) in Dallas, TX. (Big thanks to Jesse Porter for the heads up)! If you’re into local hip-hop – be there to catch Sore Losers, A.Dd+, and more! I’m excited to be a part of this show, because I’ve been a Sore Losers fan for a couple of years now and I’ve recently turned to A.Dd+ as well. Check out their recent video, here.

At the show, I’ll have a table set up with The Good Child merchandise. If you’re in attendance, swing by my table for some free stickers, check out the new Spring/Summer 2011 line in person, and shoot the sh•t. I might even have a little discount for you!

That’s it – it’s that simple. Good venue, Good music, Good merchandise, Good people. Buy tickets in advance, here! They’re only TEN DOLLARS. See you then! Thank you for supporting your local artists!

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