The Locals – Recap!

I spent my time yesterday with a handful of local brands from around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Thanks to Philip, Hance, and everybody at Centre, all of us were on major display outside of the shop at Mockingbird Station for The Locals. The event was rain or shine – and although it was incredibly humid, it stayed clear of rain for us!

Some of the brands on display included Fresh Kaufee, Loyal KNG, Unkommon Kolor, HIJ Clothing, Nerdy Fresh, Friends & Anarchists, Matrimoney, Do Celf, Dopey the Bear, and Azimo. A lot of people stopped by the event and even more stuck around for hours! Magnificent Beard dropped in, Vynsie and Jully of We Are 1976 made it, Sleepy Dan was doing his thing, I finally met face-to-face with some great minds I follow on Twitter, and I even ran into two people from my Day Job! The most significant appearances, however, were a few repeat customers and some people I had met a looong time ago at the Johnny Cupcakes stop at We Are 1976! SO RAD! Check out all of these rad people and experiences below!

We were there from noon to sun down and the vibe was Good. I chatted with a lot of people – most are photographed above – and gained a lot of insight on not just designing t-shirts, but on life in general. Dallas/Texas brands seem to share a family-level of respect for each other (take for example, Loyal KNG and Fresh Kaufee having dinner together after every event).

I have to give a BIG thank you to all of the following people who stopped by to say Hello. Roll credits:

  • Cha
  • Kevin and his bestie, Andrew
  • Israel and his son, Reese
  • Christian, who is working on his brand
  • Sandy
  • Cindy Fox
  • Kyle
  • Kari
  • Alex of the Dallas Observer
  • Jalil
  • Alyssa
  • Frank
  • Kim & Jen
  • Chris
  • Jeff
  • Bobby & Patsy
  • Jahireh
  • John Lining & TooDeep
  • Juan
  • Jesse Porter
  • Chris of Common Sense
  • Cha
  • Tommy J.
  • Leah
  • Nate
  • George
  • Process
  • Killa MC
Once again, a magnificent event. Thanks, Centre!

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