The Good Child Says Relax

As some of you know, I had a brief weekend getaway to South Carolina. Where exactly in S.C.? I can’t say, but it was at my grandparent’s house – on a lake. THE Good Child, I write to my grandmother on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, but I had not seen her in many years. When I arrived at her house – wooooooow – I couldn’t have remembered it this beautifully!

The weekend was all about family & relaxation. I hardly broke out the MacBookPro unless my family wanted to see some of The Good Child designs. The only design work I did on my trip was through words; my family is 1 million percent supportive of The Good Child brand and they discussed with me their ideas for the future.* The entire weekend was extremely rewarding. There is nothing like getting away from the big city and having time to one’s self to think (or not think). I spent my time looking over the lake and soaking in the natural environment around me. In fact, even the television was off the entire time – until this morning when we heard the big news. It felt Good to give my full attention to my extended family. Say fam – THANK YOU. You guys are awesome and it was wonderful being in your presence. 

I am telling you – take time for yourself and relax. Get away from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, wtf-ever. Shutdown your laptop and leave your phone inside. Go out there and get some vitamin D. While you’re at it, clear your thoughts so well that the only thought left is the most brilliant – the one that you didn’t know was in there – the one that will keep you moving when you return to the big city.

* I run The Good Child brand solely by myself. Advice and opinions from friends and family members create inspiration, but are not 100% used in the design process.


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