The Marcus Troy Experience : iMeet, again

Another night, another design, another iMeet with The Marcus Troy Experience. Tonight, I joined the room with the likes of William Yan, Daniella, Wesley Brown, Dale Coachman, Ray Protege, Tanner Bachman, Olumide Yerokun, Bobby T, Hugh L, Corey Scott, Corey Knight, Joey Jepson, Bernard James, Sean Quincy, ::GASP::, and of course, Marcus Troy.
Tonight, the discussion started off on the topic of presence, being present, and commitment to the moment. Here’s some notes and a fragmented journey through two hours in The Marcus Troy Experience iMeet tonight:

  • Presence (Day job -vs- Grind/Hustle/Dream and how to keep a balance…or not)
  • Working for 9-5 can allow you the ability to “learn through someone else’s jive.”
  • You can make mistakes on other peoples’ money through your 9-5
  • You can learn basic business (answering e-mails, etc.) through your 9-5
  • You can enhance communication skills through your 9-5
  • Learn what not to do when you “become your old boss”
  • Always make sure you have a Plan B
  • On that note, also be honest with your Plan A & B people – tell them about your different paths
  • “Everyone at my work knows I have a side-hustle” (Daniella).
  • Respect needs to go both ways between you & your 9-5
  • Deal with conflict of interests on a case by case basis
  • Fight for your own personal brand…[they] could decide tomorrow [they] don’t want to work with you
  • Focus, be present on one thing, kill it, & move on
  • “You should always make sure to represent yourself well, because you never know where the opportunities are coming from” (Daniella).
  • You fail when you give up on Everything; you only fail when you stop trying
  • Learn from failure
  • Failure = value = progress
  • Have people who can tell you “No, do another draft” (don’t surround yourself only with people on your level or below who might kiss ass)
  • “Stay on your path & with your hard work, you will get there” (Dale Coachman).
  • Have humility
  • Be humble (ehem)
  • Create extensions of your brand; evolve; let your brand recycle itself
  • We are a multi-tasking society; we tend to have more than one title/job duty
  • “If I’m going to bite somebody, I’m going to bite some guy nobody’s heard of – people notice” (Marcus Troy).
  • [BLANK] is not new, it’s how you do it
  • It’s all been done before
  • And, lastly, a clip of Marcus Troy’s view on The Madbury Club: Madbury Club didn’t invent what they’re doing – they took what magazines have been doing for years and put it online; arguably, Inquiring Minds did it first; Madbury Club figured out a new way of going in depth.
Tonight’s iMeet was filled with good humor, good advice, and good questions. It was rewarding to be present with a handful of what now seem to be regulars. Thanks to everyone involved! See you next time at
Until then…Stay good, be humble. ©

2 responses to “The Marcus Troy Experience : iMeet, again

  1. Next time I will have my computer not acting up. I wish I could have stayed but for some reason it being a B and running slowly. I think I had to much going on. Loved your recap of it though and definitely disappointed that I missed some good chatting and info.

  2. Amazing! thank you for the notes and comments.

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