Recyclable Packaging : Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Honestly, I don’t exactly celebrate Earth Day, because I respect our planet 365 days a year instead.  One fine example of how I respect our planet is through The Good Child packaging.

Unlike a lot of other brands, I package The Good Child product in 100% stamped, recyclable paper. The twine wrapped around each package is reusable (e.g. cats love it) and will act as compost in a landfill. Take a look at the package here in a short video shot by Marcus Troy.

When you get The Good Child product in the mail, you know that it is exactly that – Good product. (Most people don’t want to open/destroy the package once they get it)!

I’m going to expand on this packaging and find a way to work around having to also ship it in the UPS shell (not easily recyclable); I’m looking into designing a custom-sized box to put these packages in – all recyclable everything!

Now, what are you waiting for – shop The Good Child.


Don’t forget – Series One is now on sale!


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