Today, I had a professional photo shoot done on the streets of Dallas’ Deep Ellum for The Good Child product. Photographer Margie Woods Brown took some AMAZING shots and I can’t wait to share with all of you. The models for the shoot were incredible, too. I could not have asked for a better crew; all of them were personable, full of individual character, and expressed the brand well. Big ups to all of them: Killa MC, Skylar Rain, Chevi, Chris, Manuel, and Nic (and of course, my photographer).

The photo shoot was pretty eventful…before noon, we were stopped by Dallas (DART) police officers twice! Don’t worry, I am THE Good Child and I only work with Good people, so nobody got in any trouble. There were a couple of misunderstandings and I really hope that the people in each incident who phoned the police are having a better day. I truly believe that the people who bothered the Dallas officers to investigate us were simply bothered themselves from the heat and the early hour at which they were called to work on a Sunday. I will not go into detail, but here’s two lessons from today’s photo shoot:

  • Fire escapes that look vacant and welcoming to you are in fact not welcoming. Do not climb them unless you’re evacuating in an emergency.
  • You may take photographs in the city of Dallas at your free will – yep, even at the DART rail stations. I confirmed this with more than one Dallas police officer. (Don’t let DART security officers harrass you about it – be humble and politely tell them that you can photograph any city property. If it gets heated and you absolutely need the photo opp, offer to call the city police and ask).

Anyway, no hard feelings and no tickets. All in all, it was a Good ass morning. I am so stoked to share the images. Look for them in the next two weeks! Here’s another one – just for fun – that I took on my iPhone:

Thanks, again!

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