The Marcus Troy Experience : iMeet

I just spent about two hours “having dinner” with the following people:

Tonight, I joined into my 3rd iMeet session with The Marcus Troy Experience. Tonight’s session started out about “the game” — knowing it, living it, learning from it, and succeeding (and sometimes failing) in it. In the end, however, we touched on the fashion industry and its past and present game-changers.

This iMeet session was one of Marcus Troy’s best. I took some notes to share with you all.

Lessons I learned tonight (on a Friday night, while many young adults my age were out drinking/clubbing):

  • Know your self worth (Don’t be cocky, but don’t work for free)
  • Know what game you’re playing (Are you making t-shirts to make t-shirts forever, or are you striving for a larger selection of premium, detailed goods?)
  • Know how to play that game
  • If you’re a 10%’er, share your knowledge (I’m sharing this iMeet goldmine with you, because I want you to succeed as much as I am)
  • Have confidence; walk into a room and say “Hi, this is me”
  • Money is everything
  • Money isn’t everything
  • The ability to achieve in communication, networking, and knowing “the game” comes mostly naturally
  • We are currently living in Beta-mode

Past lessons learned in The Marcus Troy Experience iMeet sessions:

  • N.O.W (No Opportunities Wasted)
  • Have a team
  • Have people on your team that are more experienced than you (don’t be the smartest – stay humble and always grow)

I want to thank everyone who attended tonight’s session: Marcus Troy, Marquis Phifer, Johnica Reed, Zaid Alasady, Quintel Harcum, Robert Harris, Olumide Yerokun, Corey Scott, McLean Films, Steven Brown, Vaughn de Heart, and Kent Johnson. Your thoughts are priceless and your actions are admirable. Keep changing the game.


Shout-outs from tonight’s session:


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  1. hello. why wasn’t i invited to this?

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