Pool Days

With the weather getting warmer here in Dallas, TX, (the high today is 90˚) pools have been on my mind a lot (especially since I don’t have one anymore). I was a damned lucky kid growing up – for many reasons. One reason was I had a pool behind every house I ever lived in with my family.

I loved swimming. In grades 2nd through 4th, I was on the swim team – straight bronze winner. As I grew up, I dropped the swim team and just swam for fun. As a teenager, when classes got out for the day my friends would come over to my house. We would hang around the pool with our crappy boombox and listen to music, tell jokes, and swim (sometimes in swimming suits, but most times in shorts, boxers, t-shirts, you name it).

Also, since I had two brothers, our pool was most definitely always in use. From building “water slides” to fake Kung Fu fighting to jumping off of the roof (sorry Mom), we utilized every part of that pool.

If my parents still lived in the DFW area, I would invite all of you over for a swim. Really. I would. Since they don’t though…who’s got a pool?!

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