Wiz Kid Khalifa

As some of you already know, last night – thanks to Patrick of Nasa Gang – I hopped on to the opportunity to meet rapper Wiz Khalifa in person. Wiz was at the Main Event in Plano, TX doing a meet & greet sponsored by Dallas’ hip-hop station, 97.9 The Beat.

Word was that us media kids and I (Fly Times Daily included) would have a moment to talk to Wiz, ask him about 4 questions, and shoot our media when Wiz was finished meeting 97.9 The Beat contest winners and doing a little bowling game. However, the time to meet Wiz came faster than we had thought; we were directed to meet Wiz right after the contest winner had their short session. Now, although I was psyched to meet Wiz earlier than later in the night, I was disappointed that our time got reduced down to that of the contest winners – enough to say a few words (literally) and maybe shoot a photo. Still, when producers run your ass on tour, that’s the game, right?

So, what did I ask Wiz during my five seconds of fame?

Well, since Wiz started rapping back in the 3rd grade…I was wondering if he always had his head on straight, or if he ever was derailed in his focus by other friends who weren’t on such a productive path (in other words, Was he a Good Child?). Wiz said, Everyone gets into a little trouble here and there, but, no, I was always doing the right thing. Since Wiz has always been Good – a Wiz Kid – I gifted him one of my Good Gold tees as a simple thank you.

It was nice to know Wiz has always been on a direct path to success – and much to his own doing (with or with out the major record labels, Wiz has been doing his music 100%). Make sure you download some of his free mixtapes, Kush & Orange Juice and/or Cabin Fever. Also make sure you grab his new album, Rolling Papers, dropping March 29th.


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