Better Music than Beaches PREVIEW!

Here’s your REAL sneak peek at The Good Child Better Music than Beaches t-shirt, releasing at Style X (a portion of SXSW) on March 18th. This will be a run of only 25.

We all know the gulf is dirty – no harm in admitting to that – but, there issomething to show off in Texas and that’s the music scene. With events like SXSW, Austin City Limits, and 35 Conferette, Texas cities are on the map for travel destinations. The ”DTX • ATX • SATX • HTX” in the graphic symbolizes each major city in Texas, north to south, that host some of the big music events.

This tee is surf-inspired; the t-shirt body color comes only in khaki with the graphic ink colors inspired by Miami Vice, Grand Theft Auto, and found vintage t-shirts around Austin, TX. This t-shirt is hand-destroyed in areas, so no one tee is alike.

This t-shirt is produced 100% in the USA on 40’s 100% cotton jersey – knitted by Alternative Apparel in Los Angeles and screen printed in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.



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